Performance Stub

Performance Stub

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What is it?

The Performance Stub is built to enhance your test environments.  It will reliably simulate HTTP/HTTPS services at a high volume, making it ideal for Performance Testing. It also includes some features to allow you find more issues before they make it into your production environment.

What can it do?

It accepts HTTP/HTTPS requests from a huge variety of platforms and technologies and responds with predefined payloads. It can be configured to reply to different requests in different ways.

Each port or endpoint can be configured with a delay, this is useful in identifying what happens when your 3rd party services breaks SLA.

The responses can be changed during testing to HTTP 5xx's to simulate a failure in the service. You may be surprised to learn that your application can fail if a service you depend on fails, especially under load.

It can simulate Apache, IIS, Jboss, Weblogic and many more, it can deal with JSON, XML, CSV and many more types of payload.

Also one of the great thins about this stub is that it doesn't require any expensive licenses, all it needs is the .NET Framework 4.5.2. You can install on a desktop or laptop and so long as you sufficient network bandwidth you can host your stubs.

What it isn't

It isn't a functional test tool, although it could be used in a functional environment it's primary purpose is efficiently responding to high volume requests, often only limited by the network resources allocated to the machine.

How reliable is it?

We've got a suite of unit tests that run on each build that protect the core functionality as we improve the application.

It's been tested to thousands of requests per second on a Retail Client's test environment, here's what they had to day about it:

"At Shop Direct we’ve implemented Software Consult's Performance Stub in our performance test environment. It stubbed out a 3rd party web service for product recommendations which receives millions of requests per hour. It did exactly what it was designed to do, it enabled us to get a better picture of our websites’ performance before our sales peak. We would recommend Performance Stub to any companies serious about performance testing."

Simon Holland - Head of QA and Test at Shop Direct.

With more than £1.8bn in annual sales, Shop Direct are the UK's second largest online pureplay retailer. They know what performance means to their business.

OK I'm sold, how much is it?... Free!?

At the moment we are offering it for free and we will offer a free version going forward. We have some advanced features we are working on, these will be integrated into a retail version, however we are committed to keeping the free version up to date and feature rich.

Download here: Performance Stub Download


Walk-throughs  are available here : Performance Stub Walkthroughs

There is an option for ongoing support for the Performance Stub and performance testing in general, please contact us for more details.