Non-Functional Testing

Software Consult know software and they know about the infrastructure require to support that software. We know that non-functional requirements (NFRs) are often bolted on to systems at the last minute or even sometimes after massive production incident. Anyone who's suffered from a non-functional defect on a critical system will know the pain involved in finding that defect too late in the life cycle.

Too often we see applications and systems being delivered without NFRs. That is why we developed our own template for NFRs, which means we can help plug the gap or at least prompt the right people into delivering protection for your key systems.

NFRs include, but aren't limited to:

Performance - does it meet peak demands? does it respond quick enough for it for customers to want to use it?
Accessibility - are you losing customers because of a lack of support for impaired visibility?
Security - are you vulnerable to hackers? can someone steal your customer database? can someone bring down your site?
Scalability - it works now but will it still work in 3 years time when you've tripled your business?
Deployment and Maintainability - does it require regular manual intervention? is it complex to patch and deploy?
Availability - will it stay up 24/7? will users lose data if hardware or software fails?
Extensibility - can it's feature set grow and interact with new or other services in your estate?
Readiness - has everyone been trained? does it fit into a productionised environment?

All of these questions and a lot more can be answered by non-functional testing.

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