Performance Testing

Performance Testing is usually an effective way of flushing out issues before they affect your customers or your business. However done incorrectly can often delay a project with unrealistic scenarios. Worse still they can give a false positive, leaving you to discover the issues in production when both money and customer confidence can be lost.

At Software Consult we pay attention to the finer details of the test to ensure you are getting a realistic view of how your systems will cope. The test we provide will be as close to the real world as possible.

Don't take our word for it ask for a free consultation on your current project or testing service. We will advise on your full performance testing life cycle and let you know if there are other options for improving efficiency or accuracy.

If you haven't had a performance test within your company or product we can help there too. Usually the first time performance testing is done within a company is when things go wrong in live. We will help you replicate your issue in your test environment (or live in the quiet hours of 3am). We will provide all the experience, tools and test harness infrastructure to complete the testing.

We hope that you will take us up on the offer of a free day's consultancy, it won't be a hard sell as the consultant will be a hand's on specialist and not a sales person. Please visit the contacts page to get in touch.